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  • Standard Training
  • Discount On Group Training
  • Discount On Self-Paced Training

Standard Training

Our standard training are customized for each student and clients, so it is impossible to publish our pricing on website. We offer standard training from individual students on self-paced training courses to any large group of students. We also offer special training to graduate students to borden their experience and in depth knowledge.

Discount On Group Training

We provide volume discount to group of students from group of 2 students to any size group.

Students Discounts
2 Students 5%
3-4 Students 10%
5-6 Students 15%
7-8 Students 20%
9-10 Students 25%
>10 Students 30%

Discount On Self-Paced Training

We offer discounts on self-pace training courses which are design as per your needs and learning pace. We believe that every individual have a unique way of learning.

1 Course 10%
2-4 Courses 15%
5-6 Courses 20%
>7 Courses 25%

Zofax Limited have strong interest in building long-term business relationships with our customers and clients around the World. We are also looking forward to hear from you and give us opportunity to deliver the best for your business.

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